Teaching art in public schools has challenged me to experience a myriad of art materials and techniques. With this knowledge and my love of art, I am inspired to layer plaster with acrylics, combine watercolor with pastels, incorporate different printing techniques within a singular piece.

As the woods and fields were my playground growing up, the outdoors now nourishes my artwork. My childhood's sense of wonder at nature's lines, textures, forms and colors remains with me and pervades all that I create. Through an enriched color palette, illuminated form and sensitive rendering of line, my goal is to capture nature's contrasting — and often opposing — qualities of fragility and strength.

In the creative process I initally scrutinize reality. My mind encourages me to imagine and embellish. My artwork then evolves into a visual poem heralding the majesty of nature.

~ Molly Mains

Oil of field with spruce trees